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News: In this first update of 2019 I bring you 7 new pieces, mostly live performances. Antonio Rey is an amazing live performer, I’ve transcribed a Soleá and his soon to become legendary Zapateado this time. Daniel Casares is also an experienced player, the new piece is a lovely Guajira from him. Jesús Guerrero’s bulería canción, Anne Frank follows, it’s actually much more complicated than it sounds at first. Niño Seve’s taranta at the Córdoba Guitar Festival in 2006 is amazing, and quite lengthy as well, giving lots of material to study from. I’ve added yet another rumba from the Maestro Paco (more to follow) and finally Pepe Fernández plays a soleá at Mundo Flamenco. Also I’ve added a couple of live versions to existing transcriptions, Diego del Morao’s Pago de la Serrana is basically the same as what he plays on the studio version, but he’s added a nice intro and outro section. Everybody knows Entre Dos Aguas by Paco de Lucía, and I’ve transcribed two live performances to the already existing studio version + variations tab. And finally, I haven’t added to the freebies section in a long time, in fact I’d like to rearrange it in the future and add more to it. This time I’ve added Rocayisa (Tangos) as Moraíto plays a part of it live. Please scroll down for the links.

Please email me at with inquiries. Refer to the Catalogue page for the complete list of transcriptions available. If you find a broken link on the page, please let me know.

New pieces in Catalogue:

  • Antonio Rey – A mi compare Morao (Soleá) live YouTube MP3
  • Antonio Rey – Ídolo (Zapateado) Live in Moscow YouTube MP3
  • Daniel Casares – Guajiras (live) YouTube MP3
  • Diego del Morao – Pago de la Serrana (Seguiriya) ª live version added YouTube YouTube live MP3 MP3 live
  • Jesús Guerrero – Anne Frank YouTube MP3
  • Niño Seve – Taranta (live) YouTube MP3
  • Paco de Lucía – Entre Dos Aguas (Rumba) + Variations + 2 live versions YouTube YouTube live 1 YouTube live 2 MP3 MP3 live 1 MP3 live 2
  • Paco de Lucía – Palenque (Rumba) YouTube MP3
  • Pepe Fernández – Soleá (live) YouTube MP3
  • Freebies

    Complete pieces:


    • Chicuelo & Miguel Poveda – Si me Vieras (Liviana) ª Word/PDF YouTube
    • Diego Amaya & Capullo de Jerez – Decidme lo que pasa Aquí (Soleá por Bulerías) PDF GP6
    • Estrella Morente & José Carbonell “Montoyita” – Volver (Bulerías) PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Tomatito & Duquende – Lo Bueno y lo Malo (Cancion por Bulerias) Word/PDF YouTube
    • Tomatito & Mari Ángeles Fernández – Ya está la Luna en la Calle (Alegrías) PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Tomatito & Potito – Una Noche in Utrecht (Taranta) PDF GP6


    • Amir John Haddad – Punta y Tacón (Alegrías) PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Chicuelo – Caí, La Lola (Alegrías) PDF GP6
    • Diego del Morao – Falsetita por Bulerías PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Diego del Morao & Pansequito – No me importa lo que digan (Bulerías) ª PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Diego del Morao – Dulce Veneno (Bulerías) ª PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Diego del Morao – Orate (Bulerías) ª PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Fernando de la Rua – Entremares (Seguiriya) PDF GP6 YouTube
    • José Luís Montón – Inténtalo Encontrar (Bulerías) PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Juan Habichuela – A la Gala de la Rosa (Granaína) PDF GP6
    • Juan Carlos Romero & Miguel Poveda – Naufragos del Hambre (Soleá por Bulerías) PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Juan Requena – Falseta por Bulerías PDF GP6 YouTube
    • La Negra, Lole Montoya y Alba Molina – Intro Falseta por Bulerías PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Luciano Ghosn – Falseta por Bulerías PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Luciano Ghosn – Pulgar Exercise PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Luciano Ghosn – Rumba PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Moraíto – Rocayisa (live) PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Niño Jero – Falsetita por Bulerías PDF GP6
    • Paco de Lucía – El Chorruelo (Bulerías) PDF GP6 MP3 YouTube
    • Pepe Habichuela – Arrikitaum (Tangos) PDF GP6
    • Ramón Jiménez – Llora mi Corazón (Tangos) libre intro PDF GP6
    • Santiago Lara – Embrujo (Zapateado) PDF GP6 YouTube
    • Tomatito & Potito – Presentimiento (Bulerías) 2 falsetas PDF GP6
    • Vicente Amigo & El Pele – El Trovador (Bulerías) PDF GP6 YouTube
    • TabsFlamenco – Falseta por Alegrías PDF GP6
    • TabsFlamenco – Falseta por Bulerías PDF GP6
    • TabsFlamenco – Falsetas por Guajiras PDF GP6
    • TabsFlamenco – Falseta por Tangos PDF GP6
    • TabsFlamenco – Falseta por Tientos PDF GP6

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  1. Iam looking for an acurate tab of the album version caminillo viejo tango by Tomatito but the only bit iam struggling with is the section af ter the intro which is repeated as a coda at the end could u give mme.idea how much it wud cost as i have started doing it myself but if its qlready been done then
    all the better

  2. i hope if some one help me for the intro compas for bulerias de tomatito 1985
    guitar pro tab as la guitarra flamenca de tomatito

  3. Dear Sir

    for the love of music

    please give me the tab air by jose luis monton

    this song is so beautiful

    best regards

  4. Good morning! Do you have anything for the “bulerias de la bola” that Estrella Morente does? Just a rough outline of the chord voicings on the accompaniment? If I get anything worked out, I’ll send it to you.

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