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Update July 2024:

Another large update this time with 30+ pieces. I’ve done a few that are long time favourites of mine, such as Vicente’s Querido Metheny and Tomatito’s tarantas and La Destemplá. I always admired Moraíto’s style as well as Gerardo’s virtuosity, and the unorthodox rhythms of Yerai Cortés. There are also some live performances as well – I’ve been following Can Wang’s progress for years now and “El gitano de Pekín” has become a great and creative player. There are two more performances by Manuel Silveria who is one of the best accompanists ever and several short pieces by Rafael Riqueni which I’ll be offering in pairs. 

As always, feel free to drop me an email if you’d like to know what’s available since the last update – alternatively, I’ve created a Facebook page where I’ll occasionally list new pieces available, before the actual site update.

Please email me at tabsflamenco@gmail.com with inquiries. Refer to the Catalogue page for the complete list of transcriptions available. If you find a broken link on the page, please let me know.

New pieces in the Catalogue:

  • Can Wang – Atardecer (Bulerías) Live at Solera Flamenca ª YouTube MP3
  • Carlos van Tongeren – Machado (Soleá) YouTube MP3
  • Chaparro de Málaga – Soleá YouTube MP3
  • Diego de Morón – Moroneando por Bulerías YouTube MP3
  • “El Amir” Amir John Haddad – La Jara (Bulerías) ª YouTube MP3
  • Gerardo Núñez – El Gallo Azul (Bulerías) YouTube MP3
  • José Andrés Cortés & Duquende – Soleá por Bulerías (live) YouTube MP3
  • José Manuel Roldán – Como el Cristal (Rumba) YouTube MP3
  • Manolo Sanlúcar – De Capote (Soleá por Bulerías) YouTube MP3
  • Manuel Cano – Cuevas del Sacromonte (Zambra) ª YouTube MP3
  • Manuel Silveria & Fosforito – Soleá por Bulerías YouTube MP3
  • Manuel Silveria & Luís de Córdoba – Vidalita YouTube MP3
  • Moraíto – Rompeserones (Tangos) YouTube MP3
  • Moraíto – Ventorillo de la Unión (Taranto) YouTube MP3
  • Niño Josele – Estirpe (Bulerías) YouTube MP3
  • Paco de Lucía – Almoraima (Bulerías) YouTube MP3
  • Paco de Lucía – Bulerías (live) YouTube MP3
  • Paco de Lucía – Doblan Campanas (Rondeña) live ª YouTube MP3
  • Paco de Lucía – Mantilla de Feria ª YouTube MP3
  • Pepe Habichuela – Amanecer (Seguiriya) YouTube MP3
  • Pepe Habichuela – Remate (Soleá por Bulerías) YouTube MP3
  • Rafael Riqueni – El Costurero de La Reina YouTube MP3
  • Rafael Riqueni – Esperandote YouTube MP3
  • Rafael Riqueni – La Isleta de los Patos YouTube MP3
  • Rafael Riqueni – Los Quintero YouTube MP3
  • Rafael Riqueni – Te Llevé de la Mano YouTube MP3
  • Rafael Riqueni – Vivencias (Tangos) live YouTube MP3
  • Tomatito – Callejón de las Canteras (Taranta) YouTube MP3
  • Tomatito – La Destemplá (Bulerías) YouTube MP3
  • Tomatito – Macael (Taranta) YouTube MP3
  • Vicente Amigo – Amor Dulce Muerte + 2 live versions & Como Antes, Como Nunca, Como Siempre… YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube MP3 MP3 MP3 MP3
  • Vicente Amigo – El Mar de Tu Sentir (Alegrías) YouTube MP3
  • Vicente Amigo – Querido Metheny (Bulerías) YouTube MP3
  • Yerai Cortés – Sonar por Bulerías YouTube MP3


Complete pieces:



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Welcome to tabsflamenco.com!

Thanks for visiting!

This site’s main purpose is to offer my services custom transcribing material. I also have hundreds of tabs of complete pieces available for sale as well as several falseta collections. Regularly, the page is updated with freebies, shorter pieces and falsetas of several palos.

Please click on the Catalogue button in the top right for transcriptions available and inquire in email (tabsflamenco@gmail.com) for more details. You can find all the free material in the post above this one.

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