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Update December 2023:

This update is another one with much material, but I’m especially proud of the falseta collections. Paco de Lucía is always a pleasure to transcribe, but this time there is more emphasis on the bulerías of Moraíto. While many of us guitarists are mostly familiar with his solo material, he was a most recognised accompanist and his solo material is a consequence of his falsetas composed to accompany cante. The six collections cover nearly everything he ever played in the palo, and credit to his genius, he barely ever played the same thing twice.

Other than the collections, there are pieces by Paco de Lucía, Vicente Amigo, Tomatito, Antonio Rey; more traditional players like Pepe Martínez and José Motos, and young talent like Alejandro Hurtado (whose new solo album Tamiz I highly recommend), Toni Abellán and Luciano Ghosn – the latter offering didactic material on his Patreon page.

As always, feel free to drop me an email if you’d like to know what’s available since the last update – alternatively, I’ve created a Facebook page where I’ll occasionally list of new pieces available, before the actual site update.

Please email me at with inquiries. Refer to the Catalogue page for the complete list of transcriptions available. If you find a broken link on the page, please let me know.

New pieces in the Catalogue:

  • Collection Paco de Lucía por Alegrías con Camarón TXT MP3
  • Collection Paco de Lucía por Soleá por Bulerías y Soleares por medio con Camarón TXT MP3
  • Collection Paco de Lucía por Soleares con Camarón TXT MP3
  • Collection por Bulerías 14 – Moraíto 01 – por Abajo TXT MP3
  • Collection por Bulerías 15 – Moraíto 02 – con Sorderas TXT MP3
  • Collection por Bulerías 16 – Moraíto 03 – con Moneos y Zambos TXT MP3
  • Collection por Bulerías 17 – Moraíto 04 TXT MP3
  • Collection por Bulerías 18 – Moraíto 05 TXT MP3
  • Collection por Bulerías 19 – Moraíto 06 TXT MP3
  • Alejandro Hurtado – A Mi Madre (Farruca) live ª YouTube MP3
  • Alejandro Hurtado – Tamiz (Alegrías) ª YouTube MP3
  • Antonio Rey – Un Sueño Contigo Alma YouTube MP3
  • Daniel Casares – Mi Refugio (Taranta) YouTube MP3
  • José Manuel Roldán – Al Rojo Vivo (Bulerías) YouTube MP3
  • José Motos – Danza Mora ª MP3 original MP3
  • Luciano Ghosn – Nadie lo Sabía (Farruca) YouTube MP3
  • Moraíto – Buleriando (Bulerías) live YouTube MP3
  • Paco de Lucía – Danza Ritual del Fuego ª YouTube MP3
  • Paco Peña – Alegrías de Cádiz (live) MP3 original MP3
  • Pepe Martínez – Fantasía Galicia (Zambra) ª YouTube MP3
  • Rafael Riqueni – What a Wonderful World YouTube MP3
  • Tomatito – La Chanca (Bulerías) YouTube MP3
  • Toni Abellán – Toque y Cante por Huelva en Solera Flamenca (Fandangos) YouTube MP3
  • Vicente Amigo – Amor Dulce Muerte & Como Antes, Como Nunca, Como Siempre… YouTube YouTube MP3 MP3
  • Vicente Amigo – Córdoba (Soleá) YouTube MP3
  • Vicente Amigo – Demípati (Rumba) YouTube MP3
  • Vicente Amigo – Un Momento en el Sonido (Taranta) YouTube MP3


Complete pieces:



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